Thursday, April 30, 2009

Rodeo Bar

Since I've been craving some good Mexican food since our minor fiasco at Caliente Cab, I suggested we go to Rodeo Bar for dinner last night. Little did we know it was their Comedy night. Rodeo bar is a little dive bar we usually go to with friends for good drinks and for the free peanuts in the shells. The shells are usually found strewn all over the bar areas...which just adds to the charm. The restaurant/bar is divided into two sections, one with a big "normal" bar area and then restaurant tables, and then the other room with another bar that is actually an old bus covered in stickers...but makes for a fun bar...with a smaller set of tables and stage. We walked in and asked for a table for two and the hostess asked if we wanted to see the comedy show. No cover charge so we decided...sure. Well, those poor "comedians" weren't very funny and rowdy crowd by the bar bus wasn't helpful. Neither was the very large table of visiting Italians who all ordered steak and french fries at a Tex-Mex place. They eyed me with curiosity and perhaps a little jealousy when my sizzling pile of fajitas came out of the kitchen. Uhmmmmmmm...yum. Now, this is how chicken fajitas are supposed to be, super hot, and at $14.95 it was a steal to the $20- something at Caliente Cab..and there you had to pay extra for peppers! Bah! We had a yummy meal and only had to endure a little bit of bad comedy. Highly recommended. Fun, good solid long as the nazi hostess (that we encountered on one trip) isn't working.

To top it all off we happened upon a Donkin Doughnuts/Baskin Robbins just in time to snag a couple of scoops on their 31 cent scoop night. tastes better because it's only 31 cents. The poor dudes serving up the ice cream to a never ending line of cheap skates looked like it was their worst day ever. Mental note to buy icecream from that place sometime in the future...perhaps after our next night out at Rodeo bar.


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