Friday, April 3, 2009

Outback Steak House

So on Wednesday night I had horrible neck and shoulder pain, probably from something I pulled during Pilates class earlier that day. So I read online about neck pain and someone suggested that I roll up a towel and use it as a make-shift head brace to relieve pressure on my muscles. I had a horrible time sleeping on Wednesday night and got up in the middle of the night to try this towel trick as a last resort. On Thursday morning, when John opened his eyes, Chalupa wiggled over to him like she usually does and I told him, "that the reason why I'm wearing this is because I broke my neck." Which was a _slight_ exaggeration, but the pain was immense. He questioned, "what, what are you wearing?" And I replied and pointed to the towel around my neck, and again told him that it was broken. His reply? He said I should "eat a banana." What kind of response is that, I tell him my neck is broken and he tells me to EAT a banana, that's supposed to help with cramping not neck injuries. Bah.
But he made it up to me for dinner where we dashed into one of our secret guilty pleasures. The Outback Steakhouse, I know, I know, we are in NYC and there a bazillion places to go, and it's a chain and blah, blah blah. Back in Frederick, MD the line for the Outback was around the block (or really the shopping center...since it's more suburbs) and the wait was always like 45 minutes ore so. Here we ALWAYS walk right in, get good service, and good food for a really decent price. We walked out of there yesterday with a bill for about $30 and had nice big filling portions. I had the Chicken and Swiss sandwich...subbing the garlic smashed potatos instead of the fries--which aren't as crisy as I like, and John had the burger and a coke. You can take a girl out of the suburbs....

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