Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cafe 50 West

So just around the corner from John's office is a little place we found called Cafe 50 West. Last summer we happened to stumble upon this unassuming little place after we has just given a tour of the new "space" it was still in disarray back then, with a lot of dust from the floor sandings, and patched up walls. My sister, her sister-in-law and her step-son and nephew-in-law, and John and I were walking around trying to figure out a place to grab a bite to eat. Since we were all starving and actually comtemplating going to the Olive Garden, it was a godsend when we found Cafe 50. It's a nice funky little place with exposed brick walls, and sturdy wood tables. They have a decent selection of mixed drinks and beer, and they have a nice cafe menu. Last night, I ordered the french onion soup and the grilled cheese. John ordered the soup of the day - Matzo Ball, and a burger. Both sandwiches came with home made potato chips that were a little too greasy, but my grilled cheese was delicious. And John loved his burger. The french onion soup was ok, I think it was a little too much of the same cheese (on the soup and in the grilled cheese) after that the broth wasn't very flavorful...but John loved his Matzo ball soup, it was like chicken soup with matzo balls. Looked great. It's a nice place to hang out. And when the weather's nice they have a few outdoor seating it's Chalupa friendly. Actually the first time we went to this restaurant someone had a little chihuaha in a bag with his head poking out, so this scored big points with us. :)

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