Monday, April 20, 2009

Brunch at Cafe Joul

We had a long crazy weekend, an old classmate of John's from highschool, George came up with his girlfriend because they fell into some free tickets to West Side Story and the Marvelous Wonderettes. Since they only had three tickets to the show and West Side Story was sold out I went with them and John met us afterward. West Side Story was blah, it was very traditional, and just didn't have the wow factor of more modern and updated shows. It was dated when I watched the movie in highschool, and unfortunately it was very true to it's roots. The most interesting part of the show was the fake jeans...because I couldn't figure out how they could get their legs up so high in real denim. Also the microphones were distracting, we were like six rows from the front, and I don't mean to be a hater, but they were very noticeable. The main guy was really cute though and that helped. But that was Friday night and it was just the begining of a crazy weekend. After the show we caught up with John and then headed to Tao to meet George's other friend. We hung out there for a while then trekked to Sofrito's for dinner. Where everyone was getting hammered. We didn't get in until after 3 am. On Saturday we walked to Central Park and just chilled which was amazing, Central Park is so beautiful and even in a sea of a million other people it's so peaceful and the vibe is amazing....everyone was just enjoying the weather. After the park I walked with around with George and his girlfriend Shannon to do some shopping while John took Chalupa home. Then that night we went out for Mexican food at Maryanne's and then ended up at Lucky Cheng's. A tranny hangout, and the show was funny and the custumes were great. But I was not up for another night of being out til 4am, we made it home a little before 2. Then on Sunday we had brunch at Cafe Joul where they have nice big portions of bacon, and delectable brunch specials. My quiche was delish, and we got there just before it got packed and got seated right away. Then later that afternoon we saw the Marvelous Wanderettes, and the show was fabulous. We were very skeptical after the West Side Story yawn, it didn't help matters that we got there just when a big bus of old ladies unloaded but the Wanderettes were funny, charming and just a lot of fun. Loved it, I couldn't stop laughing, and those ladies work hard. I highly recommend this show, everyone will like it. but, by the time our guests left for their drive back to B-more I was exhausted....they just lead different lifestyles...and just the taste of it for one weekend was enough for me. I need a weekend to recover from this weekend. It was fun...but I'm glad my life is much more mundane, I'm happy to relax and drink with friends, but always getting dressed up to the nines to go out and party just gets tiresome to me...isn't that what college is for? To each their own.

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