Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chalupa's first treat in 12 weeks *

As you know Chalupa was on a strict low dissolving dog food diet for 12 weeks. So, no treats, or human food allowed. *of course she was in the care of Grandmom Smith and we suspect she was given one, two or six treats while she stayed there for the day.

when it rains it pours

I walked to the happy hour JV was hosting for String Theory, and it was raining just enough to need an umbrella. I saw these three little asian girls walking with their mom and it totally reminded me of me, Patrish and Viv. When it rains it pours.

Dog growls at own leg

Friday, February 27, 2009

Chalupa squishy face

The other day, after spending the entire day with Chalupa I was getting my gym stuff together to catch my favorite yoga class. As I was gathering my things, Chalupa came stumbling over, she fully expected that I was going to take her out for a walk. It was the usual time after all, but the thing was I had taken her out just 2.5 hours earlier. But this didn't seem to matter to little Chalups as she blinked her Bette Davis eyes. The little ten pound dog was doing her best to manipulate me and I wasn't having it. I needed to make my class, it keeps me sane. But I did call JV to see if he would be home soon, to see if he could take her out before I was back in about an hour. He said he was still tied up with work. So, I left thinking that it was only an hour, and I really LOVE this yoga class. I quickly closed the door and waited for the elevator. While in the hallway, Chalupa let out a few barks. Which she only does if she hears us talking in the hall, but the hallway was silent. And her barking sounded lonely and sad. I thought that if I went back to open the door that it would just teach her all the wrong things. So I bit my lip and headed into the elevator and out the door and started walking to the gym. But her barking haunted me, and I began to let the guilt seep in, I made one block and avenue away when I decided that I wasn't going to make it to yoga. I stopped briefly at the grocery store and then went right back home to take Chalupa out. She was over-joyed when she saw me, and scampered down the hall to the elevator.

Here's the best thing, when I took her out, it took her about ten minutes to finally pee, she didn't have to go out at all! And when we got back Chalupa ran down the hall to our apartment and frantically scratched at the door...which again she never does. But it turns out my phone call convinced JV into coming home early he could take her out. He was actually worried when he came home and didn't find her. This little furry beast rules the universe. At least our universe. And she does it all with the slightest of effort on her part, her small grunts and contented sighs are enough to melt my heart.

Cinema cafe

We haven't been to the cinema cafe in years, we used to frequent the 34th street location when John had a small company on 34th between Park and Mad. So last night when we were trying to find places to meet in the middle for dinner (since I was coming from 48th and he was coming from 29th) we decided on cinema. They took their signature cinema salad off the menu, but they have good solid food choices from pizzas, pastas, chicken, etc. We started with the cinema popcorn - which is little friend up chicken nuggets, and supposedly seafood too (but I didn't get any). And I had the roasted free range chicken, and JV had the pot pie. My chicken was great but it was the mashed potatoes that sealed the deal, and I have the other chicken breast to eat for lunch today. Not too bad. But when looking up the cinema website I found some dubious reviews, so proceed with caution.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


It's been a while since we've been to our favorite sushi place Ginger, but it was well worth the wait. Great sushi with exotic ingredients like peanut butter, and banana. I know it sounds odd, and it is, but it's also DELICIOUS. Highly recommended.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Gingerman and JP Morgan

Yesterday was a pretty good day, although JV had to work in the morning that gave me time to take a yoga class before meeting him and our friend Christine for lunch at the Gingerman. I recommend the pretzel and the chicken cesar salad, but always order the pretzel it's the best I've found in the city. After a relaxing lunch we walked across the street to the newly renovated JP Morgan museum. Although we were a little disappointed that they didn't have out the "Morgan bails America" during the Depression exhibit. The New York Times cartoons exhibit made up for it. Here's what David Hockney had to say about the sketch of his dogs above:
"In order to draw them I had to leave large sheets of paper all over the house and studio to catch them sitting or sleeping without disturbance. Everything was made from observation, so speed of execution was important. (They don't stay long in one position and one knock on the door is enough to make them leap up, not very good models)...I make no apologies for the apparent subject matter. These two dear little creatures are my friends. They are intelligent, loving, comical and often bored."
Truer words were never spoken.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

UN is on the way to the vet

top picture is of the Chrysler buiding and the bottom photo is the UN, the sky was storming over just while we were walking back from the Vet.

Good news for Chalupa

Well Chalupa had her follow up with the vet after 12 weeks of only eating a special urinary, quick dissolving food, there is no longer anything wrong with her bladder. No sludge, and no infection, and she can start eating other things and actually go back to her old food. The bad news is that she actually gained 1/2 a pound instead of losing it, now she has to lose about a pound. So, we still have to go easy on the treats.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andy Rooney, at a hood college alum event?

JV and I just got back from a Hood college cocktail hour, we also stopped for dinner at one of favorite Brazil places, Via Brazil. But the biggest surprise for me was when I walked in I saw some guy sitting in a chair that looked EXACTLY like Andy Rooney, I thought it just has to be some old guy that looks like him, but it was him. No, Andy did not attend Hood College (a women's college back when he (and when I) went there) but his longtime significant other (girlfriend) did, she graduated class of 49. He looked as curmudgeonly as ever, and they left before the presentation by the College prez. but I'm sure they are going to give the college a pretty penny. I'm sure he can afford it. I always suspected Andy had good taste in women. Hood girls are good girls. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

To Baltimore and back again

Well my little Saturn she pulled through and made it to Baltimore and back again, we stayed with Uncle W and Aunt J and had a very relaxing weekend. We took little Chalups for a walk on one of the trails near their house, where she had a grand old time chomping on pinecones, chasing sticks and generally making happy grunting noises as she sniffed and ran around. We stayed in on Valentine's day and decided to make Paella, which turned out great despite the fact that we didn't have enough rice.

Then on Sunday we had amazing crabs at Schultz's and we celebrated Grandmom Smith's birthday, a good time was had by all. And to top it all off we had great drive back to NYC with no traffic to speak of, we sailed through the Lincoln Tunnel and was got home with enough time to watch an episode of Madmen. Not too shabby.

Friday, February 13, 2009

John and Kira's figs

I've mentioned these figs before at Christmas time, and I asked for them again for Valentine's day, they are so delicious. And it's dark chocolate! Which not only tastes better, but is chock full of flavanoids...the antioxidents this blog is named for. This are a special treat and I'm very happy I got them for Valentine's day. Check out John and Kira's.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Make your own Obama cube doll

Courtesy of where you can find instructions for tons of different characters from spongebob to storm troopers.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A square deal part 3

So, I went to pick up my car today and the guy tells me that there is good news and bad news. Basically it is the transmission in my car, the good news was that they did replace the front wheel bearing, but only charged me $125. Jacob said that he ordered a transmission from the junk yard, so that it's on order and that they can give me a good deal when it comes to replacing the old one. I told him that I planned on driving to Baltimore this weekend, and asked if he thought it would make it, he said he thought it would. But he also gave me an extra business card to keep in the car, he said that if I need to tow the car that he would cover the cost of towing. My car sounds fine, and I think it will make it to Baltimore and least I hope it will.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A square deal ? part 2.5

Just called to check in on my car, they said they took it all apart and now it won't be ready until tomorrow. They need a new part and it will come in tomorrow. I'm actually a little relieved because maybe this means they won't rush and it will actually be be continued.

A square deal ? part 2

So, I've been driving my car much more than usual, I went down for the inauguration, and then for Grandmom Luh's funeral, and now we'll be back down this weekend for Grandmom Smith's birthday. But coming back two weeks ago we got caught in horrendous traffic getting through the Lincoln tunnel, there was as accident involving two semis in the outbound lanes, which of course made them squeeze more cars in fewer lanes all around. When we finally got through the tunnel, one block later, my service engine soon light blared on again. And then my car didn't want to go past 30. I had my hands full with our superbowl party, then I got pretty sick, I didn't take my car back into the Auto Repair place until today. Where the guy insisted that it was not the transmission, but a ball bearing in the front left of my car that was not moving right and sending the wrong signals to the transmission. He plugged in the computer and it said that the 2nd gear was not right, but he insisted that the transmission was fine, and he showed me the transmission oil. I knew the oil would be fine, I just went to Jiffy Lube. BAH. So, now he's charging me $275 to replace the ball bearing and he said that it should be ready by 4 or so today. I just don't want that damn light to go on again, I honestly would rather pay a little more just to make sure it doesn't happen. So, we'll see. My Saturn has had a long life, let's hope she doesn't go the way of Pluto. Fingers crossed. One thing that I noticed driving it to the auto repair place today is that it didn't seem to have any problems going past 30, so maybe it's not the transmission, could this possibly be an honest mechanic?

Monday, February 9, 2009

eat your heart out

I got an early Valentine's present from JV he bought it from, we actually saw this product in the little shop at the hotel we stayed at last time we were in Towson, MD and we forgot to pick one or two up before we left. It looks much more appetizing than it tastes, I thought it would be a softer gummy, but it's really hard, I had to gnaw on it a great deal to get a bite out, but it's a pretty cool Valentine's heart nonetheless. enjoy!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


On any given night Houston's is packed, yes it's a chain, but it's an upscale chain and the restaurant is spacious and has a nice vibe. The Chuck Close print is beautiful, and the artwork in general is above par. Plus they have quintessential American food that is consistently well prepared. But it can be a pain because the restaurant doesn't take reservations and since it's so popular it can be difficult to get in to. That's why I like to go during the weekend hours at lunch time, where there is never a wait for a table. Today we ordered the SPINACH & ARTICHOKE DIP which is always delish, it's a warm and cheesy dip, that you don't feel bad about eating because of all the veggies. JV ordered the CORNED BEEF SANDWICH and I ordered the ROASTED CHICKEN. Which I'm pretty sure I ordered before, so when a big dish was served to me that looked like someone barfed all over it, I raised an eyebrow to say the least. Look at the picture, you decide if that looks appealing. I just wanted a nice crispy roasted chicken with beans and cheese on the side. It was very unappetizing looking, but maybe it's just because I was so sick on Wednesday I was making out my last will and testament. Anyway JV's sandwich was great, so the quality of the food was still good...but it seems like the true chef is missing from the kitchen to serve something that honestly looked like that. The tragedy was that the chicken underneath looked like it was perfected cooked, and actually didn't taste that bad, once I scrapped off most of the beans. Oh well, there have been plenty of times that Houston's has been a great pick for me, today just wasn't one of them.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Shamless puppy promotion

Chalupa needs your vote, donate $5 or more to help get pets spayed and neutered and Chalupa gets points. Come on look at her face, is your heart made of stone? Click here and check it out.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Redemption bar

We walked around our neighborhood on Sunday looking for a convenient and quick place to have brunch and we decided to go to Redemption bar. I ordered the Chicken Cesar Salad and JV ordered the Eggy, Hammy, Cheezy and perhaps it was because our expectations were low, but we were both pleasantly surprised with the quality and portions of the food. I've never been to Redemption bar and grill but I often pass it while taking Chalupa for walks, and once I see the sign I always end up singing the Bob Marley song to myself. Plus they get bonus points for being on the corner so that there is ample people watching for entertainment.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl party

The pictures above were taken this morning, after our party. I know it looks like we didn't drink any beer, but I assure you we filled our recycling room with bottle after bottle. And let's not even mention the Absynthe or the flavored martinis. The most popular toast of the night was to Bruce Springsteen, as far as I'm concerned, he won the superbowl.

We had a bunch of people over for our party and we continued our tradition of having way too much food and beer. Our fridge was packed with beer before we started shopping for the food. We ordered party trays from our favorite local pub. We got a great deal on cheese, crackers, prosciutto and pepperoni from East Village Cheese. Then I decided I was going to make some filipino dishes: pancit, lumpia, and babingka. Oh yeah we also walked down the street and bought the cream puffs from the choux factory. Those cream puffs are no joke, delicate and light filled with fluffly light vanilla, chocolate, blueberry or espresso cream. I would have taken a picture but they were eaten too fast. (Several of them by me personally---yes I know what you are thinking, and yes it is time for me to hit the gym.) Between the superbowl party and visiting in Baltimore I've gained 5 lbs. Not to mention I have tons of leftovers, we need to have another party just to clear the fridge. I sent JV to work with a huge bag of food...but I made sure to save the rest of the chicken wings for myself. A girl can't live on cream puffs alone.