Friday, April 10, 2009


So the other night we tried to get into Rosa Mexicana but the wait was about 45 minutes, and since we were starving we decided to try our luck at the place across the street: Fusha. Fusha is not Mexican food, it's Asian cuisine, another Asian fusion place. It offers sushi, fried rice and a nice variety of interesting appetizers. I wasn't much in the mood for sushi, but I was a little wary about ordering from the tiny section on their menu titled, "Pan-fried Noodles". I decided to bite the bullet and go for it, I ordered the Thai Rice Vermicelli with chicken. And John ordered the Crsipy Jumbo Shrimp with Honey Glaze Walnuts. And we were both extremely happy with our choices. My dish was very similar to my family's home-made pancit, but I have to admit wayyy better. They added a little more spice and different veggies and the dish was so tasty and good....and filling. I had enough saved over for a small lunch the next day. John LOVED his dish, everything about it he savored. From the walnuts to the 'bed' of cantaloupe and steamed broccoli the shrimp was served on. The place also has a nice vibe, love the majong tiled column, and the birch tree divider. It's a little dimly lit, but otherwise a nice place overall and service was impeccible. Highly recommended.

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