Sunday, March 28, 2010

new pics from the new camera

B + H Photo store

So for any local New Yorkers this isn't news, but I just have to give props to B+H camera (video, photography) store. It's a crazy place filled with knowledgeable and friendly staff, it's got a conveyor belt that travels through the various levels of the store that carry your goods from their respective departments down to the cash registers and pick up area. It is quite a spectacle, and I enjoy going here. It can be a little overwhelming especially on a day like today (the will be closed for 10 days for the holiday). But anyone that loves cameras, tvs, videos, etc can find any gadget and many gadget geeks to commiserate with. It's pretty fun. Stop by and check it out, it's at 34th and 9th Avenue.

We bought a Nikon D90, this DSLR camera will be able to use two old film lenses I already own, plus it came highly recommended by our sales guy Pierre. And from what I can tell it's a pretty sweet camera. So sample pictures are to come soon. :)