Monday, February 16, 2009

To Baltimore and back again

Well my little Saturn she pulled through and made it to Baltimore and back again, we stayed with Uncle W and Aunt J and had a very relaxing weekend. We took little Chalups for a walk on one of the trails near their house, where she had a grand old time chomping on pinecones, chasing sticks and generally making happy grunting noises as she sniffed and ran around. We stayed in on Valentine's day and decided to make Paella, which turned out great despite the fact that we didn't have enough rice.

Then on Sunday we had amazing crabs at Schultz's and we celebrated Grandmom Smith's birthday, a good time was had by all. And to top it all off we had great drive back to NYC with no traffic to speak of, we sailed through the Lincoln Tunnel and was got home with enough time to watch an episode of Madmen. Not too shabby.

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Designerd said...

grunt grunt grunt.

oink. sniff sniff.