Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl party

The pictures above were taken this morning, after our party. I know it looks like we didn't drink any beer, but I assure you we filled our recycling room with bottle after bottle. And let's not even mention the Absynthe or the flavored martinis. The most popular toast of the night was to Bruce Springsteen, as far as I'm concerned, he won the superbowl.

We had a bunch of people over for our party and we continued our tradition of having way too much food and beer. Our fridge was packed with beer before we started shopping for the food. We ordered party trays from our favorite local pub. We got a great deal on cheese, crackers, prosciutto and pepperoni from East Village Cheese. Then I decided I was going to make some filipino dishes: pancit, lumpia, and babingka. Oh yeah we also walked down the street and bought the cream puffs from the choux factory. Those cream puffs are no joke, delicate and light filled with fluffly light vanilla, chocolate, blueberry or espresso cream. I would have taken a picture but they were eaten too fast. (Several of them by me personally---yes I know what you are thinking, and yes it is time for me to hit the gym.) Between the superbowl party and visiting in Baltimore I've gained 5 lbs. Not to mention I have tons of leftovers, we need to have another party just to clear the fridge. I sent JV to work with a huge bag of food...but I made sure to save the rest of the chicken wings for myself. A girl can't live on cream puffs alone.

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