Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Andy Rooney, at a hood college alum event?

JV and I just got back from a Hood college cocktail hour, we also stopped for dinner at one of favorite Brazil places, Via Brazil. But the biggest surprise for me was when I walked in I saw some guy sitting in a chair that looked EXACTLY like Andy Rooney, I thought it just has to be some old guy that looks like him, but it was him. No, Andy did not attend Hood College (a women's college back when he (and when I) went there) but his longtime significant other (girlfriend) did, she graduated class of 49. He looked as curmudgeonly as ever, and they left before the presentation by the College prez. but I'm sure they are going to give the college a pretty penny. I'm sure he can afford it. I always suspected Andy had good taste in women. Hood girls are good girls. :)

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