Saturday, February 7, 2009


On any given night Houston's is packed, yes it's a chain, but it's an upscale chain and the restaurant is spacious and has a nice vibe. The Chuck Close print is beautiful, and the artwork in general is above par. Plus they have quintessential American food that is consistently well prepared. But it can be a pain because the restaurant doesn't take reservations and since it's so popular it can be difficult to get in to. That's why I like to go during the weekend hours at lunch time, where there is never a wait for a table. Today we ordered the SPINACH & ARTICHOKE DIP which is always delish, it's a warm and cheesy dip, that you don't feel bad about eating because of all the veggies. JV ordered the CORNED BEEF SANDWICH and I ordered the ROASTED CHICKEN. Which I'm pretty sure I ordered before, so when a big dish was served to me that looked like someone barfed all over it, I raised an eyebrow to say the least. Look at the picture, you decide if that looks appealing. I just wanted a nice crispy roasted chicken with beans and cheese on the side. It was very unappetizing looking, but maybe it's just because I was so sick on Wednesday I was making out my last will and testament. Anyway JV's sandwich was great, so the quality of the food was still good...but it seems like the true chef is missing from the kitchen to serve something that honestly looked like that. The tragedy was that the chicken underneath looked like it was perfected cooked, and actually didn't taste that bad, once I scrapped off most of the beans. Oh well, there have been plenty of times that Houston's has been a great pick for me, today just wasn't one of them.

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