Friday, February 27, 2009

Cinema cafe

We haven't been to the cinema cafe in years, we used to frequent the 34th street location when John had a small company on 34th between Park and Mad. So last night when we were trying to find places to meet in the middle for dinner (since I was coming from 48th and he was coming from 29th) we decided on cinema. They took their signature cinema salad off the menu, but they have good solid food choices from pizzas, pastas, chicken, etc. We started with the cinema popcorn - which is little friend up chicken nuggets, and supposedly seafood too (but I didn't get any). And I had the roasted free range chicken, and JV had the pot pie. My chicken was great but it was the mashed potatoes that sealed the deal, and I have the other chicken breast to eat for lunch today. Not too bad. But when looking up the cinema website I found some dubious reviews, so proceed with caution.

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