Friday, February 27, 2009

Chalupa squishy face

The other day, after spending the entire day with Chalupa I was getting my gym stuff together to catch my favorite yoga class. As I was gathering my things, Chalupa came stumbling over, she fully expected that I was going to take her out for a walk. It was the usual time after all, but the thing was I had taken her out just 2.5 hours earlier. But this didn't seem to matter to little Chalups as she blinked her Bette Davis eyes. The little ten pound dog was doing her best to manipulate me and I wasn't having it. I needed to make my class, it keeps me sane. But I did call JV to see if he would be home soon, to see if he could take her out before I was back in about an hour. He said he was still tied up with work. So, I left thinking that it was only an hour, and I really LOVE this yoga class. I quickly closed the door and waited for the elevator. While in the hallway, Chalupa let out a few barks. Which she only does if she hears us talking in the hall, but the hallway was silent. And her barking sounded lonely and sad. I thought that if I went back to open the door that it would just teach her all the wrong things. So I bit my lip and headed into the elevator and out the door and started walking to the gym. But her barking haunted me, and I began to let the guilt seep in, I made one block and avenue away when I decided that I wasn't going to make it to yoga. I stopped briefly at the grocery store and then went right back home to take Chalupa out. She was over-joyed when she saw me, and scampered down the hall to the elevator.

Here's the best thing, when I took her out, it took her about ten minutes to finally pee, she didn't have to go out at all! And when we got back Chalupa ran down the hall to our apartment and frantically scratched at the door...which again she never does. But it turns out my phone call convinced JV into coming home early he could take her out. He was actually worried when he came home and didn't find her. This little furry beast rules the universe. At least our universe. And she does it all with the slightest of effort on her part, her small grunts and contented sighs are enough to melt my heart.

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