Tuesday, November 4, 2008

While I waited to vote...

So, I waited in line to vote today. The line outside moved briskly, but when I made it into the basement of my local synagogue, I was surprised but happy to find a swarm of people waiting in zig-zagging lines. I wormed my way toward the district 14 line and ended up behind an older woman who appeared to be Jewish. We chatted and commented on the excitement in the air, and then she asked me if I watched channel 14. I looked at her blankly, she then said MSNBC? And I said, oh yes, I watch MSNBC, it's on a different channel for us because we have RCN cable.

She said, in her magazine that there is this woman who has her own show. And I said, who? Rachel Maddow? She said, yes, then proceeded to say how much she likes her and her show. And I agreed saying she was really sharp. Then the woman went on to say that in the magazine it says she was gay, and she said "I never knew that." Again I didn't exactly know where she was going with this, but I agreed "I didn't know that either." She showed me the picture in her magazine of Rachel Maddow looking very butch and smiling next to her [presumed] partner. Then the woman turned to me and muttered, "it took me 45 years to find a husband, I should have been gay."

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