Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chalupa's sick

Chalupa started peeing blood in her urine early Sunday. And I took to her to the Vet on Monday, where they suspected a possible urinary tract infection, but since her bladder was empty by the time we walked there, I had to bring her back again early Tuesday morning. Where they kept her practically the whole day. They found out that she had a lot of "sludge" in her bladder, and asked us to put her on special food for 12 weeks, it's "dissolving" food that will help pass all the stuff from her bladder. It's not a kidney stone yet, but if the "sludge" doesn't pass naturally they will have to do surgery. So, we all have to be very strict with little Chalupa, even though the holidays are right around the corner, we can not give her any kind of treat or human food. Poor little thing, one bright spot, that since she has been injected with the medicine her urine has been blood free. She had a hard day on Tuesday though, she was visibly sore and would not jump up on the furniture like she likes to do. This picture of her, is on a cushion and blanket I made for her on the floor, and her cuddling with John and telling him all the awful things they did to her at the vet.


Nyarlathotep said...

Oh no! I'm so sad.

Anonymous said...

Poor Chalupa! - Viv