Thursday, November 13, 2008

Rachel Ray taping

Yesterday, I took the day off and went to a Rachel Ray taping with my friend Miranda. They asked us to be in line by 10:15, I accidentally left my apartment early [anyone who knows me, knows how time challenged my family can be]. For some reason I thought it was further away, and I planned on walking and I didn't want to have to rush and arrive --all covered in sweat--for the daytime tv cameras. But as it turned out, the studio where they tape the Rachel Ray show is only about 8 blocks away. And since I left a little after 9, I expected to be one of the first people there, if not the first, I thought I'd have time to grab a quick bite to eat. I was surprised when I turned the corner of 44th Street, and there were about 50 people already chattering, snacking, and waiting in line. The small print on the email confirmation says that tickets are not guaranteed, so I assume they allow for more tix in case of no shows. It was fun, but turned out to be an extraordinarily long day. While we were in line we were informed that taping is expected to go until 2 or 2:30, I thought that was still reasonable, but it turned out we didn't get out until quarter to 4. Rachel herself thanked us at the end of the day, and expressed her appreciation that we had to sit for so many segments, evidently it's not always like this.

I have to hand it to Rachel Ray, she has a lot of energy, and it's really all her. She was warm and friendly to the crowd, and it seemed like the people she worked with genuinely had affection for her. We left with not one but TWO snacks of the day. Which delighted both Miranda and I, and we got a Nintendo DS game. We are not allowed to say who the guests were, or who the winners of their big you think you can cook contest is. But what was most interesting to me was watching the whole set. If you've never watched the Rachel Ray show, the audience is seated in a big circle, that rotates to whichever set they are filming. And the sets were brightly colored and fun. The reason why we were there for so long as that they taped several segments, most for one episode, but a few for another episode. So we know we'll be on Nov 24, and I'll have to see about the second show. We got great seats, center second row, so we think we'll be on camera for at least a few seconds.

The other fun part was eaves dropping on other audience members, I overhead one lady complaining about our treatment at the Rachel Ray waiting room, she boldly declared her love of Martha Stewart, and how Martha had enough seating for everyone in the room, and how they also had a nice big spread of cookies, coffees and teas at the Martha Stewart Show, and then she went on to list the give aways that EVERYONE in the audience received. In the Rachel Ray waiting room approx 10 people had to stand in awkward areas, and we had half-defrosted/half-stale Sarah Lee plain bagels, and some half decent pastries that went fast). And at the end of the show while we waited for the elevator in yet another long line, another disgruntled audience member peered over her glasses to examine her new Nintendo DS game, "we spent all day here, and all we get is _this_"

Hee hee, I kept my expectations low and had a good time. Although I think I'll try for Martha Stewart tix next time. :)

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