Monday, November 24, 2008

A square deal

The above picture is my dash board, which is nice and black now that the Service Engine Soon light is off. :)

Well, I took my car in this morning to a tiny little place that was listed as one name in the phonebook, another name on their business card, and just Auto Repair on it's sign. But I feel very lucky to have found this garage on 38th Street between 10th and 11th avenue.* It was dumb luck, this was probably the fourth place I called, the other places either hungup on me, try to transfer me and hung up on me, or had an answering machine. This place actually answered the phone, so they got my business. And for all my worrying (I had trouble sleeping last night) it all turned out fine.

I got there a little after 11, and I was confused, because when I walked through the door there were two sets of stairs, and another door, and I wasn't sure where to go for the office. But the door slammed and attracted the attention of Jacob, the guy in charge. This guy was a young Reiger, but with a very thick Russian accent. He asked me to wait a minute and he'd tell me what was wrong with my car. I watched through the garage window while he plugged a little computer into my car, and then decided waiting outside was better then sucking in the fumes from the idling car in the garage. As soon as I got outside, he showed me the reading, and let me know it was my transmission. I asked how much, and he quoted me $175. When I picked up my car the total came to $190, and I feel like a good a great deal. The relief is overwhelming, I'm so glad my Saturn lives on to drive again...maybe this bodes well for the US automakers, surely if my little Saturn Sedan LS can pull through, they can get their shit together.

*I've had much work luck at other places in Manhattan, when I first moved here a place right off the West Side highway tried to tell me I needed new brakes to get my NYS inspection sticker. Only thing was I had just gotten new brakes like 6 months before---and they didn't cost nearly as much.

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