Monday, November 3, 2008

Fighting the Good Fight

So, this weekend I volunteered with the Obama campaign to help canvas voters in Wilkes-Barre, PA. The picture above is the Wilkes-Barre campaign office, I was actually sent to another smaller location more downtown. But I met and worked with two other New Yorkers, who were enthusiastic and great fun to be with. We went knocking on doors and passing out brochures. Then we enjoyed a triumphant dinner at Thai Thai, a nice little place within walking distance of the downtown campaign office.

I then drove back Saturday night, had a good night's sleep, and drove back again on Sunday. This time I was sent to the Pittston headquarters, and there I did more canvassing. But this time we were just placing door hangers on the doors of the people on our list. The door hangers listed their polling site, along with voting information, including voting rights. I had a great time. It was a beautiful day, and people were coming out of their houses to talk to me, they were glad to see me. One guy came out and proudly pointed out his Obama/Biden sign, and declared he had been a lifelong Republican. Another older gentleman quickly came to the door just as I was leaving, and when I explained that I was just leaving voter information behind, he asked, "for who?" and when I said "Obama" a big smile spread on his face, and he said " I'll take him." A young woman who passed me complimented me on my Bmore for Obama shirt, and I proudly gave credit to my big sis. Actually that shirt got tons of compliments from other volunteers, too. Note: the image shown on cafe press is a little different, my shirt has three-quarter length blue sleeves and it's cut for a woman.

Granted, I'm sure the people on our list were vetted Democrats or Obama supporters, but the lifelong Republican wasn't on my list at all. He just saw me working and wanted to talk. There is definitely something in the air. And I know I sound crazy but I saw a faint horizontal rainbow on my drive there and can only mean good things to come. It was a long haul for me, and I had a pretty stressful week with work, but I felt I had to do as much as I could to make this dream a reality. And I feel good about what I did this weekend. It was a great weekend to be out and working for a campaign I believe in. So get out and vote tomorrow, and make triple sure that you're vote counts by reading the directions. Many states have an "all Democrat" choice, but you STILL have to select a candidate for president!


Nyarlathotep said...

I saw poll numbers that showed Obama way ahead in Scranton/Wilkes-Barre. If that holds true something definitely is in the air!

Good work!

ajc said...

I'm keeping the faith, off to go vote now!