Monday, November 24, 2008

Things my mom did in her one day visit

1. Asked if she could give Chalupa a lollipop
2. Asked, what she should could cook for Thanksgiving (for John and his Father and step-mom especially), and suggested Babingka (a filipino dessert made with sticky sweet rice, coconut milk and brown sugar)
3. Actually cooked Babingka (this is a big step since she hasn't shown much interested in cooking since her strokes happened about this time last year.)
4. Told me about my other sis's dog, and what a nice face he has.
5. Enjoyed a hearty "chicken potch pie" (she couldn't hear or didn't understand chicken pot pie) at a new pub down the street from us.

I actually left my mom alone three times while she was here. Twice to walk the dog, and once to run to the grocery for an extra can of coconut milk. I was worried since we never really leave her alone since the strokes, and I thought she would be worried or confused, but each time I got back she was fine. If the tv was on she would watch tv, if not, she put dishes in the sink, and tried to pack her stuff. All in all a pretty successful visit.

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