Monday, November 17, 2008

Counter. Organics.

We had a busy weekend, with some great company over on Friday, and then the Cooper (re)Union on Saturday. By the end of the day on Saturday I was exhausted, after my frenzied cleaning and cooking on Friday evening, then staying up til the wee hours playing wii. :)

I was glad when someone suggested at the John's reunion we go out for dinner, not that I wasn't enjoying the feast of fried appetizers. Because we were having dinner with some folks who don't normally get to go out in the city we let them take the lead. Heather has mentioned interest in an organic cafe, so I suggested an organic, vegetarian bistro: Counter.

I was a little apprehensive, because I like vegetarian stuff, but I usually don't feel full afterwards, and it was a place we had only walked by, but the wait at Counter for the 5 of us was only 5 minutes, and as soon as we got our appertizers I knew we had picked the right place. I ordered the HUMMUS ROYALE. $15 (Grilled soy merguez, spiced seitan ragoût & grilled flatbread triangles.) and for my entree the ITALIAN FARMHOUSE PANINI. $14 (Walnut-lentil pâté, plum tomato, rosemary aïoli - on a crunchy rustic Italian ciabatta.) I also ordered the CHEF GERAUD’S POMMES FRITES. $7----did I mention I was starving and worried the portions would be small?

The grilled pitas with the hummus were divine, and our waitress was top knotch bringing more pitas without us having to ask. And my Panini was so yummy, and gigantic, I took half of it home. And was able to eat one large Pomme Frite before asking them to wrap that up too. Now I have great leftovers to eat for lunch, and a great new place to take friends, especially vegetarian friends. But the flavor and the service was so great, I think anyone would enjoy it.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Sounds yummy - can't wait to try it. -Viv