Sunday, September 6, 2009

VanLeeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck

The other day John and I were walking to dinner and we spotted a pretty yellow ice cream truck and the flavors sounded so yummy, I'm ashamed to admit we had dessert before dinner. They call themselves the VanLeeuwen Artisan Ice Cream. The guy was very nice when we asked what flavors he recommended, and he actually recommended the vanilla among other flavors. Everything is organic and they use the finest ingredients, but after I sampled the vanilla (and it was very delicious) I opted to go for the hazelnut, ginger chocolate because it just sounded so good. As far as ice cream from a truck this is far and away the best I've ever had. If you see the truck, we found it at St. Marks and 2nd Ave, but I hear they are also in SoHo you MUST stop and have an ice cream. It's an order. You can thank me later.

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Anonymous said...

I love that truck!!!!


you should make a new blog, call it "TruckGrub"

:) jv