Sunday, September 6, 2009


This is my sister's dog Lokie, he is a sweet and lovable and he is deaf. He has a few peculiarities because of his deafness, he is mesmerized by shadows and highlights on the ground. He loves to chase little bugs or tiny wisps of things that he catches sight of. He LOVES to play tug of war but his mouth is so huge he engulfs his toys leaving barely an end to grab on to and play, couple that with his powerful jaws and it's not that much to fun to play tug of war with the big lug. But he is nothing but love, he just likes to be with people. He does seem to terrorize the cats that share his residence, but they just mainly stay up stairs. While I was visited Viv and Jack, Viv and I took him on a nice long walk on the trails behind their house, we even dropped the leash so he could meander around himself, and he was very good, he always kept an eye on us to make sure he could catch up. The most endearing thing about Lokie is the way he very daintily tucks his hind legs under but flips his feet down so you can see his paw pads when he lays down, I've seen a lot of small dogs to this, but very rarely see large breeds lay like this. His pink paw pads are just irresistible. He also has very interesting coloring, since he was adopted they aren't sure what breed he is, but he has clear light brown eyes, and a pink nose, that with the summer blonde hair, and he also has webbed feet, he looks like he would enjoy the beach. When I got back home, Chalupa seemed even smaller than I remembered.

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