Saturday, September 26, 2009

Killing time

Right now I'm sitting in the emergency room waiting for them to call me in. I'm almost positive it's just a sprained ankle. But it's starting to throb. Late last night I was at my computer playing around on FB and Chalupa was happily sleeping on my lap. When I decided to stand up to walk into the living room I had discovered my foot had fallen asleep. This happens a lot when chalupa sleeps on me because she likes it when I prop one leg on the other knee so she has a nice place to curl up and sleep. Instead of waiting for my foot to fully wake I decided I could walk on it even if it hurt. Well because I was holding Chalupa I couldn't see my foot and instead of placing my foot down I ended up putting all my weight on myouter left ankle. It's swollen on that side and I can't help but think about being stuck on crutches for a good long time. Boo. :(

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