Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pandora Radio

If you haven't yet tried Pandora radio, you should. Here's a link to the customized radio station I'm listening to right now. I've named it The White Stripes Radio.

Here's a quick run down: type in a song or an artist that you like, and Pandora radio will play something from that artist (they can't play specific songs on demand) but they usually give you something from that artist if they are part of their catalog. THEN the Pandora magic is that it picks other songs it thinks you might like, from there you can thumbs up or down and it will be even more specific to you tastes. It's fun, and if you're like me it's a nice alternative then just the music you own on iTunes. Plus you can try to screw with the computer brain and put in two completely different ends of the spectrum and see what you get. (Like for instance Beyonce and They Might Be Giants) Highly recommended.

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