Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update on Chalupa

Little Chalupa is sitting on my lap, mildy irritated that I took my hand away from her licking so I could type this. She had a slight rash yesterday and so I took her to the Vet again. The Vet we saw yesterday is their expert on skin, and she suspected that it might be a food allergy. Which made me realize that the Turducken dry food that I switched her onto several months ago may be the culprit. I've switched her back to the Cowboy Cook out dryfood, mixed with a forkful of her favorite wet food, Wing-a-lings. So, we are just going to wait and see. The Dr. said it was fine to give her a small dose of Benadryl if she needed it. But over all she's doing fine. Her ugly naked toe is finally growing back in, so she is once again the beautiful, glamorous icon we know and love. :) And I didn't even have to use Rogaine.

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Anonymous said...

She has always been beautiful and glamorous to me! I would love her even if the fur on her paw did not grow back.
Thanks for the update!

Love mom jo