Thursday, January 22, 2009


What an amazing day Tuesday was, sorry I didn't post anything yesterday I was exhausted and then I had to drive the three plus hours back to NYC. By the time I got home, I didn't have the energy to plug in my laptop. I barely slept either night on Sunday or Monday, and I expected to be dead on my feet on Tuesday, but the excitement and adrenaline kept me up all day. But as soon as we got back on Tuesday night, it all came crashing down on me, and I'm still recovering.

But, what an amazing day. There were hoards of people everywhere, and for the most part everyone was in good spirits. Yes, it was cold. But I came prepared with many many layers, and the handwarmers and the foot warmers provided by Cha were awesome. And the crowds of people helped keep the temperature up. And the sun helped, soon after we got to the mall the sun became hidden by clouds, but I have to say right when they started the inaurguration festivities the clouds slowly shifted away, until we were being bathed in sunshine while Mr. Barack Hussein Obama was being sworn in. Even God voted for Obama.

Parts of his speech almost moved me to tears, it was so amazing to be there witnessing it with so many other people. We could only watch on the jumbo trons, but it was way cool when they would show aerials of the mall and we could see just how many of us there were. I have never been in such a large crowd that was so full of diversity of age, race and gender, and everyone was there to celebrate. Well, there was one idiot next to me that kept cheering for Bush and Cheney, etc. But that's the beauty of America, even idiots have the right to free speech. Most everyone just ignored him, except when he complained that little Sasha should be smiling woman laid down the law, and said, "she's a child." Which seemed to shame him appropriatedly enough.

We also met a tiny little woman who was in her eighties, who told us about how she had been at the mall for MLK's big speech, and she was a hoot. She was at most perhaps 4 feet tall, if on her tiptoes, but she would talk back to the jumbo tron, saying "hi babs, how you doing?" when they flashed an image of Barbara Bush arriving, she was really funny.

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