Sunday, January 18, 2009

Barack in Baltimore

We braved the cold and joined thousands of others waiting for Obama, and when he finally came out to speak, we could not really seem him. I could catch a glimpse if I was on my tiptoes once or twice. Cha took the picture above just by raising her camera as high as she could and aiming in his general vicinity. And as soon as the president elect finished his short speech, the crowd (some of which lined up at 5 in the morning to be there) started to quickly disperse. A little tired and disappointed that we didn't really see him, but still in good spirits we made our way to the front and center of the state house, where a small crowd was still gathered. Then when we were just goofing around and taking pictures, the small crowd started cheering, and we watched as those who were on the steps filed out, then the man of the hour himself walked up the steps, did a quick turn and waved directly at us. Cha and I were so excited we were waving right at him, he saw him clear as day, and then we hugged and jumped up and down in jubilee. Only the people in the front had known that Obama was still there, evidently talking to people and shaking hands. It's too bad that all those people who wanted to see him so bad were so cold and just left, because I know they would have loved to see him, unobstructed. I don't expect to see him at all on Tuesday, that will be just about the experience, so I'm so glad we saw him yesterday. Plain as day. Definitely worth the trip from NYC.

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