Monday, January 26, 2009

Grandmom Luh

Grandmom Luh left us on Saturday night, she has been seriously ill since last summer when she suffered a horrible fall. She will be sincerely missed. This photo was taken at a party celebrating her granddaughter's graduation from High School. I think it's a great portrait of her. She was funny, quick-witted, and ornery til the end, and we loved her for it. One of the last conversations we had with her at the nursing home was about hospital food and how horrible it was. As she put it, "no one ever goes to the hospital to order the food." She had a ton of great stories to share, especially when she was really young and she and her family had to make due, during the depression. She often told me of one of the nuns that was her teacher, and when no one else was in the room this particular nun would call her "bright eyes" and give her extra bread to take home to her family. Grandmom Luh would interject and say, "I never knew why she called me that," but she did. It was perfectly clear to me why this nun nicknamed her and gave her extra bread. She was a tiny woman with an enormous heart, and like I said above she will be sincerely missed. Rest in peace Grandmom, you deserve it.

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