Friday, January 16, 2009

fresh off the boat

While digging through some old stuff to try to find something funny for my big sister's birthday, I came across this clipping she sent to my brother who was in the navy at the time. We were at the Inner Harbor because we had our cousins visiting from Canada, and I remember this guy came out with a cart full of watermelons, they pulled off the plastic wrap and pushed it in our direction, saying something like "here it is" then the guy got out of the way. I was obviously one of the first to get at the cart followed closely by my other big sis, and my cousins. Too bad Cha isn't in this pic. It figures that my first picture in our city paper was of me stuffing my face. Damn good watermelon, though, locally grown. Guess which one is me.

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panchang said...

this is an awesome find! i love the newly permed 80s hair - mine was worse of all - so I am so pleased to I am not in the pic! Maybe I am the mop behind bibs' head?