Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Chalupa's bench

When we first moved from our apartment down at the bottom of the West Side highway, my only regret was that we wouldn't have a couch next to the window, as this was one of Chalupa's favorite places to sit and watch over her kingdom. So, shortly after we moved in we were shopping for furniture for our new digs and we thought a bench would be a great idea, because we could push it up against the windows and it would be a great place for Chalupa to sit. Well I have never seen her willingly sit on that bench for very long, until today while I was typing away on my keyboard I heard a faint snoring and when I looked around to see where she was lying, I was happy to see that she finally took it upon herself to sleep on the bench. I think the radiator enticed her. She woke up when I got the camera out, and is now nestled on my lap...but what I've learned from the Benjamin Button movie is that nothing ever lasts. Not even naps on a specially bought bench.

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