Monday, January 12, 2009

The A-Team Season one

One of my favorite x-mas gifts was the complete season one dvd set of the A-team. Just reading the show's one line synopsis makes me giddy. And some shows that I loved aged very the Greatest American Hero, but the A-Team is just how I remembered it, corny and funny, and full of funny characters. I can't wait to watch episode 9, titled: Holiday in the Hills. "B.A.'s fear of flying is justified when The A-Team's plane crashes in the backwoods where they must battle mountain men to keep a man from being burned at the stake."

Also, who remembers that in the 2-part pilot epsiode that Faceman was played by some tall shmuck who couldn't act a lick. And he wasn't even cute, bonus points to whoever can tell me who this original Faceman was.


Designerd said...

replaced by an attractive goofball who could just BARELY act a lick...

:P jv

ajc said...

Oh come on, Dirk Benedict was an infinitely better faceman. He oozed charm, and was funny. I'll be the first to admit the acting bar on the A-team wasn't set very high...but that first guy was que horrible.

ajc said...

Here are quotes as listed in imdb about working on the A-Team from Dirk Benedict:

On the A-Team: "I enjoyed it immensely. By nature I'm terribly serious, so as an actor I tend to want to be silly. It was a comedic show, almost like a cartoon. We just had to hang on to enough reality to make it possible for adults to watch it. The actors I worked with, especially Mr T and Dwight Schultz were very funny people. It was pretty much four years of laughter."

On making the A-Team: "The problem is that the people who created the show had no idea what it was. They didn't understand what the show was because it became something other than what they intended. The network hated us; the people in authority were like the military in the show, trying to control us. We took control of it. We made it much funnier than it was, and we made it much more politically incorrect than it was intended to be. All the liberals in Hollywood hated it; they hated the cigars, the guns, the bravado and the fact we always thought we were right."