Friday, August 14, 2009

...when you gonna make up your mind..

..when you gonna love you as much as I do.....

Yesterday was a great day, not only did we have tix to see the lovely Tori Amos, but we also had reservations for dinner at Bobby Flay's Bar Amercain. The place is enormous, and pricey, so we don't go there often but while we're here we decide to live it up. For appetizers we got the grilled pizza, the artichoke salad, and the side order of homemade potato chips with blue cheese dip. The waiter said the potato chips were a must and had them get to our table right away...and boy was he right. UMMMMMMMM...if I could bath in that blue cheese I probably would...Or I could just eat mountains of potato chips dipped in the warm blue cheesy goodness. Also worth noting in the bread basket, I only tried the corn bread and it was delightfully buttery with little bits of pepper..nice touch. And both Miranda and Dory LOVED it too. John passed, and dug into the more man-sized rolls. For entrees our waiter recommended the Halibut and Dory ended up getting it, John got the NY strip steak, Miranda got the Red Snapper and I got the Smoked Chicken. Everything was super fab.

My only complaints so far was it took forever to get another club soda (and when we got the check they charged me for 3 club sodas when I only had two...and had to wait quite a while for the second)...also the Asparagus salad had some of the tiniest wimpiest sticks to pass for asparagus I have ever scene. Miranda and Dory were convinced it was the wrong salad...but no it's just that Asparagus salad there means the tiniest bit of Asparagus with a mixed salad. John insisted we all get a dessert, I ordered the German's chocolate cake, which was divine and GINORMOUS, almost as big as the restaurant itself..and did I mention delicious? Dory and Miranda split the apple tart and were exceedingly happy with it, and John got the blueberry and lemon crepes and was also very pleased.

It was an amazing dinner, that could only be topped with seeing Tori at Radio City Music Hall. We had pretty good seats in the Orchestra but in row AA, so about 26 rows in front of us and we were to the left of the stage. But it was a great show, Radio City is a great venue and the set list had a healthy portion of old faves from her much earlier work. It was a fantastic night...and if you haven't figured it out already the opening title to this post is from Tori's song Winter. Other highlights: her cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Precious Things, a great re-mix of Talula, and Big Wheel. Couldn't have asked for a better night. Also the guy who played guitar also would play the stand up bass for a few songs...sweet.


Dory said...

the picture does not accurately depict the size of that cake!

ajc said...

I noticed that too, It was a gigantic cake... I should have put a warning on the photo that says "objects in image may be bigger than the appear."