Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dumplings from a truck

I have a dream that for one full day I will only eat food items bought out of a truck. There are several food trucks in NYC, starting with the famous Mud truck (has great chai), there is a cookie truck (I have yet to see for myself), a dessert truck, and of course the ubiquitous Mr. Softee. There is also a knife sharpening truck that comes into our neighborhood mostly on the weekends. Today I took one bold step toward my dream and bought lunch from the Rickshaw dumpling bar truck stationed at 52nd street and Lexington Avenue. I paid $6 for 6 chicken and basil dumplings, and I was a little skeptical that the dumplings were a dollar a pop, but when I got them home and bit into one I was very happy. They provide a tbai peanut dressing for dipping. I was a little low on cash, but next time I'm gonna also try the watermelonade. Yum. Longish line, but the novelty of eating from a truck means bonus points.

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