Friday, August 14, 2009

Chalupa and another load of laundry

Her paw is healing nicely, the soft cone is definitely more wearable. Although she looks like she's about to get her teeth cleaned at the dentist.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alicia.

Thanks for posting some new pictures of Chalupa! She's so adorable. I miss her so much!

Keep em coming!

Oh..also love your beautiful flowers!

Love Mom Jo

ajc said...

You'll be happy to learn that Chalupa's paw is completely healed, it scabbed over just a day and a half ago and now there is no wound whatsoever. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, that does make me happy. I want to come up in the fall for a weekend if that's ok with you guys. I love to just come and hang loose. go to the dog park, watch a movie, eat nachos and drink a margarita. remember we went into that wonderful candy store (it was in a mall) and we bought a whole lot of candy? to you soon
Love Mom Jo