Wednesday, August 5, 2009

El Paso in East Harlem

Hi folks, sorry for not updating my posts regularly, I figured no one was really reading this so why bother. But I heard in person from two friends who want me to start posting again, so here goes. A few weeks back my sister asked me to transfer her VHS video tape of her wedding to DVD. Since we own a combo DVD/VHS player I was happy to do this. But when I put the tape into the VCR part of the player, the VCR wouldn't grab it. I tried pushing it in myself, which I knew wasn't a good idea, but did anyway, and to make a long story short it's broken. We've maybe put five VHS tapes in the damn thing, we hardly ever use that part of the player. But go figure. So, fast forward and the DVD/VCR player sits in our dining room gathering dust, while we watch movies on our X-box. It was difficult but we finally found a place that would even attempt to fix our player and it happens that that place is in East Harlem.

So last weekend, we took a cab ride up to 105th Street and dropped off our DVD/VCR, and then proceeded to wander around looking for a place to have brunch. We stumbled upon a little gem known as El Paso. We walked in at just the right time, when they still had ample seating in the back court yard. And the place was just lovely combine that with a beautiful day and amazing delicious food and you've got a bonafide winner. I can't recommend this place enough, it's worth it to take a trip up there just to eat here. I ordered the roast pork burrito and it was just so flavorful. One small caveat was that the ends of the burrito were filled with chopped jalapenos, and a big mouth full was just a little too much for me..but if you like the hots..go for it. This place was beautiful, good service, great prices and mouthwatering food. I'm hoping maybe something else will break and we'll have to take another trip up there...I'm already counting the days until we can pick up the DVD/VCR player...they can fix it for about $130. Oh, and while you're up there walk around the corner to Third Avenue and buy an italian ice for $1 from the man with the little cart, and you have the makings of a great Saturday.

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