Thursday, August 27, 2009

Does Chalupa qualify for cash for clunkers?

She's turning out to be a lemon, we might have to trade her in. She has a rash over most of her 10lb body, she's been so itchy she can only sleep a few hours at at time. Where she usually can sleep for hours and hours on end. Poor little thing, I was up with her at 5:30am, rubbing solarcaine aloe on her belly. Now, the vet also says that the fur hasn't grown back on her paw that was abscessed and it may NEVER grow back. Now she is no longer a cute little diva, she is a rough and tumble biker dog with the scars to prove it. How about it readers, time for a trade in?


Anonymous said...

NOW who will marry her?
:) jv

Anonymous said...

My poor Chalupa! My baby granddaughter. I will take her!
What is the asking price??

Love Mom Jo aka Grandmom