Saturday, May 23, 2009

Terminal Thai

So a few weeks ago I went to dinner with friends to a Thai place called Zabb city. We were a large group and two people came early and had to leave early so they needed separate checks. Also others in our party came late and then even a little later, so we weren't the easiest table to wait on. And it was obvious the waitress wasn't thrilled with us, but the food was good and the dessert of sticky rice and mango was divine. I also ordered a coconut juice and it came with lucious pieces of sliced young coconut and this was absolutely delicious. But why is this post called Terminal Thai and not Zabb city thai? Well for one I'm waiting at the airport right now and the other more important reason is that Zabb city screwed me over twice. How? First by winning over my love and affection for coconut juice then having the gull to be closed on Monday and then again on Tuesday...which happen to be the two days I insisted we go to Zabb city. So screw you Zabb, there are plenty more Tha
i restaurants in the city, consider my admiration retracted. We walked around the corner and found little unassuming Terminal Thai where we got great service, yummy food, coconut juice and mango and sticky rice. It's located at around 12th street and 2nd Ave, next to the delicious smelling mac and cheese place....just one more place to try. But for right now I heart Terminal Thai.

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