Sunday, May 17, 2009

Chevey's calorie count

Now anyone who has ever been to a large scale chain restaurant knows that there are good locations and bad ones. When we lived all the way downtown near Battery Park, one of our favorite places to order from was Chevy's. In the neighborhood we lived in, it was a place that was reasonably priced, it was also open late, and it delivered. Well, yesterday we decided to run into the Chevy's in Times Square to grab a bite to eat before seeing a movie. (Star Trek in Imax rocked!) Now, we haven't been to Chevy's in a while, but this location has always been the worse of the two in Manhattan. We were seated at a tall bar table, where the cushion wobbled around and threatened to dump me on the floor. And we were promptly given two very greasy and sad looking menus. And this time on the menus they had the calories listed. Good ole Bloomberg, the calorie listings are a godsend. I had no idea my favorite dish (the flautas) was over 1400 calories! And what was shocking was that just about everything on their menu topped 1000 calories, even the salads were pretty high up there. I wish all restaurants had to post calorie counts, not just the big chain restaurants. It really does make it easier to choose a healthier option. When we lived downtown I used to order the flautas all the time, and John used to order the Chevy's sampler. No doubt about it Chevy's was our downfall. I'm very happy that we live in a much better neighborhood now, plenty of food choices and three grocery stores in walking distance. In their defense the portions are generally gigantic, so you can cut the calorie count in half if you take half home. But I can't recommend the place, the slimy, scummy menus were just gross. And although the service was pretty good, how can anyone justify one meal that is over 2000 calories including a drink. The raspberry lemonade was mild but tasty and the calorie count on that was 400, with free refills. Two refills and your already at 800! I love food as much as the next person...but it's places like this that make it far too easy for someone to pack on the extra lbs.

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