Monday, May 4, 2009

Penelope Cafe

Oh the sacrifices I make for my blog. John, Christine and I hopped into Penelope's on a rainy Sunday for an early dinner. Penelope's is the cutest little place, with lots of charm and personality. It has an old diner/candy shoppe feel. With nice cake stands with glass domed covers. And their cupcakes are on humble display. I ordered the brie and green apple sandwich adding the chicken, which was divine, with a side of greens. John ordered the split peas soup and mac and cheese. And Christine ordered the split pea soup. I was the only one eyeing the desserts...since both Christine and John claimed to be stuffed...I asserted that I simply had to order a dessert for my blog. It was my duty after all to report on everything, right? I thought I was going to get one of their delectable looking cupcakes with butter cream frosting but the red velvet cake was calling to me. So there you have it, a nice sugary ending that was perfect with a cup of peppermint tea. I have to admit though there was a point where I should have just stopped eating, because I was happily full. After that the it was a classic example of the law of diminishing returns...although I took a few too many bites too was such a pretty cake and charming atmosphere I enjoyed it. The menu is small but delicious. Highly recommended.

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