Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sorry for the hiatus

Above is a photo of one of the many lizards that live happily around our hotel in Antigua. Below is the view from the beach behind our hotel, this is the view to the left.

Below is the view from our hotel beach (all beaches are public in Antigua) looking toward the right.

I've been away to Antigua last week (the u is silent) We had a great trip. Besides the fact that I was eaten alive by mosquitos, the sun and the beach and sand was tremendous. And we put our brand spankin new snorkel masks and fins to good use. Lots of great snorkeling around the island, even on the sides of the island surrounded by the Atlantic, there were harbours that were so picturesque and calm and peaceful. And the Caribbean side was just luscious, beautiful blue water and soft silky sand. I have to say walking in the sand has made my feet nice and smooth. So, I've come back to a completely different island (Manhattan), with a ton of bug bites--- at least 17 on one leg--- some distinct tan lines, and an extra pound or two. I know, I know...time to hit the gym. It was worth it, and with the flight at a little over four hours direct from Newark...is pretty convenient.

I have lots to say about our hotel, our activities and of course the food in posts to come, so stay tuned. And all apologies for falling off the face of the earth. Hope your Memorial Day weekend/or vacation was just as restful.

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