Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More pics of kitchen/dining room renovation

To save money we opted to do the painting ourselves, which means myself. This Martha Stewart Light Strokes paint is definitely the fanciest paint I've ever used. We needed something light to counter balance the dark cabinets, and this has some kind of metallic silvery element in it that makes it sparkle. I've been working on this and stripping the paint off the doors in the foyer which isn't fun, it's a LOT of work, but it's getting there. I enjoy painting much better.

My painting tips: Protect everything that needs it with plastic and blue painters' tape. Use a squeegee to make sure the blue painter's tape is sealed tightly to the wall. Paint in bare feet if you can, since you will know right away if you step in paint and will be less likely to track it all around the house. Use a plastic bag as a paint tray liner, this makes for easy clean-up. I learned this trick from John's old company's handyman, Izzy. Put on some good music.


Anonymous said...

that last picture looks so funny, it looks like the vrick wall is right up against the window!

:) jv

ajc said...

that is funny, we do have a little bit more of a view then the brick wall!

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie..just checking out your site. You are doing a FANTASTIC job with this project. I'm so proud of you and cannot wait to see the results!

Love you!

Momma Jo