Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kitchen Renovation Day 12*

The new contractors, Telia Contracting are still doing well. The main carpenters (Christion and his partner) do solid straight work. And they do a good job of clean up at the end of the day. These pictures are from yesterday that's why I titled it Day 12. Today is actually Day 13 and the skim coat guy is back to finish fixing up the walls. I'm hoping to get a coat of primer on the walls over the weekend. Since we are hard up for money, I opted to do the painting myself. Besides I like painting, to be honest, I like all this stuff. I wish I could be in there working right along side those guys. They use this cool magnetic laser level, that when turned on shoots out a red beam on all the walls, they used this when they dropped the ceiling down so that it would be straight. It's pretty awesome, and then the other guys mix together some kind of wall cement to patch up the walls. It's progress....real measurable progress. Now I'm knocking on wood so I don't jinx it. Last time I was excited about progress the sh*t hit the fan.

Also Chalupa has evidently developed a taste for gypsum board dust. It's gross...I know...for all her character and personality she is a dog and dogs likes gross things. She insists on coming with me anytime I go through the plastic to talk to the guys, and she never just quietly walks in, she jumps through like a lion from a cage and makes a grand entrance. She's made friends with Christion and the other carpenter and now expects them to share all their food with her, I have to keep her in the other room with the door zipped, but sometimes she still tries to claw her way in.
*Day 12 of new contractors working, actual total of days I've been working on this add about 370 days or so...

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