Friday, September 16, 2011

Construction snags

Cabinet drawer face will have to be replaced. Minor thing compared to moving the water lines.

A few snags in the installation of the cabinets, looks like the cold and hot water lines need to be moved over the left so that they are directly under the sink, if not the carpenters have to cut the backs of two cabinets. This requires another water shutdown and technically we are only allowed one. The building management office will get back to me to see if we are allowed another one. The trash bin provided by my cabinet maker doesn't fit in the cabinet they provided. My cabinet guy is going to do some research to try and find an alternate. He looked for this before and had a lot of trouble. Also, the one drawer face came with a big scratch, but he said that's an easy fix, that they can just provide a new drawer face.

Boo. Things were going so well too. This issues aren't too horrible, I'm sure it will work out...I just knew things were going too smoothly.


Anonymous said...

Well..this is definitely a bump in the road, however at least they can move forward. You might have to make a few adjustments though. So sorry for the snag, I know you were just so excited all was moving on so well.
It looks GREAT though...

ajc said...

Our building is letting us do a water shutdown next week. The contractors are fine with getting everything else as finished as possible, and then coming back for sink cabinet install. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. John and I also picked out paint over the weekend. I was going to spend the whole day Saturday painting but it turned out an old friend of mine was visiting for the day, and I had to reshuffle my plans to spend a few hours with her and her family.