Friday, October 2, 2009

Cash only

So I went to the orthopedic doctor today, and had a pleasant enough conversation with doctor. He didn't actually examine my ankle, he noted that it didn't look very swollen. And he talked about the different grades of a sprain (1st degree, 2nd degree and 3rd degree) the same kind of information I found when I google "ankle sprain". But it was nice to get a professional's opinion, and as I suspected it's not a big deal. He said to start slowly putting weight on it and only try walking in the house at first, but that I can go to the gym. I can work out everything but the injured ankle. He said to wait and see, I should call back in 10 days and let him know how I feel. At one point early on in the conversation he asked if I wanted to get an MRI. Which is completely unnecessary. But like I said overall I felt ok about the visit, until I had to pay my copay at the receptionists office and found out they only accept cash as payment. No credit cards, no checks. ????? What? Thank god I had cash on me, because I usually don't. Really, what kind of a doctor only accepts cash? Only in New York I guess.

One comical thing is that when I was waiting in the waiting room, there was a woman who was practically yelling for the doctor, but not in an urgent way. In an annoying...loud way. "Oh, Doctor??? Daaahhhhhcccttterr?? Nurse? Doctor? Receptionist? Anyone???" It went on for a few minutes, I was almost going to ask what she needed. For a cash only business you'd think they'd be a little more attentive.

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