Monday, October 26, 2009

0 days without incident

Sorry for yet another hiatus, I don't really have a good excuse. I've been really busy with work, but I could have and should have posted on the weekends. Also just the other day I had the idea to post how many days it's been since Chalupa has gone without incident, when on Friday she yet again had something go awry. This time it's her back left paw. Friday evening she kept incessantly licking her back left paw, I was on my way out to meet John and some friends, so I quickly soaked her paw in the same stuff they gave us for her front left paw. That night she had terrible diarrhea and also threw up in the middle of the night. I promptly called the Vet early Saturday morning, they recommended that she be put on chicken and rice. Well by Saturday night she seemed to be feeling better, but her diarrhea continued but she was no longer throwing up. Her paw was getting a little more swollen. To be honest, I felt like a bad mother, I was ashamed to have to report on this blog that yet again somehow I/we let Chalupa hurt yet another paw. Today the Vet told me with almost 100 percent certainty that her paw problems are a result of the food allergies. Which makes sense, because how could she keep cutting her self on each paw...AND..there never seemed to be a puncture wound. Chalupa is now on a strict diet of only venison and potato. She is once again on antibiotics, and she has to wear the cone so that she doesn't lick her paws. She is now peacefully snoring away in her little bat cave next to my desk. It's such a relief to know that I'm not a bad or careless parent. I really feel like we have a plan of attack now. And I have to say little Chalupa seemed to LOVE her new food. They say I can even bake the wet food into little cookies or biscuits for treats...which I fully intend to do. :) Keep your fingers crossed that the number of days without incident will finally go up.

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