Monday, October 26, 2009

Dandie Dinmont Terrier

We got to the Vet's office a few minutes early, while I've been walking without crutches for a while now, I still wrap my ankle every day in an Ace bandage and sometimes it takes me longer than expected to walk to places. I gave myself plenty of time and so Chalupa and I waited in the front lobby of the Vet for several minutes. It's always an interesting mix of dogs and cats at this Vet and today was no exception. The Vet itself as far as I can tell owns two beautiful cats, Max has a beautiful black coat of hair and has no qualms about completely taking over any and all counter space. The other cat is completely hairless but has beautiful skin markings, and is a little shy but is sweet as can be. Today I met Oscar who was a Dachshund and nearly blind. One woman also had a springer spaniel puppy. And a couple came out with two cute curly haired dogs, with what I've come to find out are Dandie Dinmont Terriers, one who looked older was in a proper dog bag, and the other was in a Saks Fifth Avenue shopping bag. I didn't know Saks carried puppies!!!! Maybe the puppy came free with the bag, or vice versa.

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Anonymous said...

maybe that puppy was just doing some SHOPPING at Saks that afternoon! ha!

:) jv