Friday, June 5, 2009

My car saga continues

So yesterday I went to pick up car from the crazy car repair shop. It's owned by two older guys, and I usually deal with Jacob but when I walked in yesterday Jacob waved at me dismissively over to Etan. Etan is much more personable than Jacob, but he was finishing his lunch when I came in. When he told me that my car wasn't ready, I wasn't really surprised. Even though I had left my car with them for three weeks, I had a feeling that I needed to call to check up on them and I didn't. When I called on Tuesday Jacob promised it would be ready by end of day or possibly Wed. We settled on Thursday since that was the easiest day for my schedule.

Turns out they put a re-built transmission into the car but when testing it they still had trouble switching from second to third gear. So, know they think the problem is electrical. I'm about to call them to check up on this. We need the car for Sunday since we are driving out to Jones Beach for a concert, and Etan promised me that either I'd have my car or I could burrow one of their cars to use.

She's an old car, I only hope they get things straightened out and she's back up and running at least for my trip to Baltimore next week to help my sister with her Taste of the Arts fundraiser.

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