Thursday, June 18, 2009

pho 32, shabu and something sweet

Pho 32 and Shabu recently opened on St. Marks and instead of walking past we decided to try it for dinner. Shabu is when you cook your own food at the table, it's fun, but when you are really hungry and not the best at chopsticks (which both applied to John) it can be a little frustrating. But once he got the hang of it, he enjoyed the seafood, beef and veggies. The how-to videos on the flat screen were a tremendous help. I ordered the grilled chicken and vermicelli noodle bowl, so I didn't have to cook anything. I was also excited that they had pearl tapioca drinks on the menu, but was utterly dissapointed when they placed a "smoothie with tapioca" next to me, it was wayy too sweet, and the tapioca was strangely enough both too mushy and hard in some spots. The bubble tea is not recommended by me. But my vermicelli bowl was good if a little on the light side. And by the end of the meal John was happy with his Seafood and beef shabu. They also gave each of us a repeat customer card and if we eat there 9 times we each get a free dish. This will come in handy when John starts teaching again at Cooper in the fall.
Since we were in the neighborhood and I still needed something to nosh on, we stopped by our old stand by Something Sweet, where I picked up the chocolate covered banana cookie and John picked up a selection of cookies for the office tomorrow. Lucky ducks.

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