Monday, March 30, 2009

A Saturday in Coney Island

I had heard that the powers that be were closing down the rides at Coney Island, and so I assumed that it would be empty lots or other signs of 'progress' on the water front. It was a breezy Saturday when our friends Paul and Karin asked us if we wanted to trek out to Coney Island. What was curious was that I had the same idea myself when I woke up that morning, but didn't do anything to act on it. So, when we got a call from them suggesting the trip we were happy about it. Last time we went to Coney Island we went with these same two friends and we had a great time, we walked the boardwalk, played video games and snacked on fried foods and sugary drinks...the kind that only taste good when served with the salt air and the incoming tides. But even the ocean seemed resigned to small lap waves, even though there were smatterings of people the place seems like it was just waiting to die. Coney Island has been in a purgatory for quite a while, a cheap popular place for locals, but the stores fronts never seemed to be doing all that well, despite the famous hotdogs and such. I can't say I was surprised at the gates and gaping holes and half disassembled rides, I expected it. I guess I also expected it to have more of an impact on me. I thought I might be sad or a little upset. Instead I found the decay interesting and beautiful. Entropy. The rule that states everything is breaking down, it was interesting to me, because every beginning has an ending. And every ending leads to a beginning, let's hope that this is the beginning of something good for Coney Island...and the rest of us.

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