Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I was promised bubble tea

Anytime JV (or anyone else) mentions bubble tea, in my mind all other words become blah blah blah...then bubble tea. The word floats right up in my mind, beautiful and shiny, like a flower after the rain. Prompting me to annouce that "I was promised bubble tea." If you have never had bubble tea, you should run, not walk to Saint's Alp Tea house. They serve the most delicious bubble tea, not too sweet and in many different flavors and varieties. Bubble tea, is actually sweetened and flavored green or black tea, and the "bubbles" are the big black pearl tapioca that is served at the bottom of the glass. It's either served warm or cold, and if it's served cold they give you a big fat straw so that you can get at all the gummy bubble goodness. mmmhhhmmm....bubble tea, last Sunday we had bubble tea twice! And it was actually JV who suggested it the second time, although we drank the second bubble tea right after dinner and I think the caffeine kept me up a bit. And this second cup of bubble tea we purchased at a restaurant close to us, and the tapioca was still a little "al dente" in the middle, and so not as satifying as Saint's Alp. I recommend the green apple tea with tapioca, large, I like it both hot or cold depending on the weather. Oh yeah, they all serve food, the sweet potato appetizer was delish, and I got the porkchops over rice which was filling, as long as I was careful to pick around the bones. But everyone knows the bubble tea is the main event.

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Designerd said...

I read your post, now IIIII was promised Bubble Tea!